Constitution of Llandeilo Covid19 Community Support Group

This group has been set up as an initiative of Llandeilo Town Council.


  • To provide relevant information to all residents in Llandeilo and its surrounding hinterland
  • To provide this information by way of leaflets, social media reports and where possible press articles
  • To set up telephone, email and face book contact so that residents can communicate with us
  • To compile a list of volunteers who are prepared to offer support to residents in a range of activities e.g. shopping, collecting prescriptions and other sundry items such as dog walking
  • To keep the volunteer information secure and GDPR safe.
  • To endeavour to protect the users of the service by promoting H&S guidelines, including respecting 2 metre distancing, money safety and confidentiality
  • To assist the Llandeilo Community Food Hub with advice and sourcing funds
  • To assist where possible the Llandeilo Educational Hub, based in Ysgol Gynradd Llandeilo Primary, with advice and practical help, if requested
  • To maintain close contact with Carmarthenshire County Council, following advice from them as cascaded down from Welsh Government.
  • To work with other self help groups within the area and to share information


In order to achieve these aims the Group may:

  • Open a bank account
  • Fundraise
  • Acquire and manage buildings or use buildings in the locality
  • Employ staff if necessary but preferably use the goodwill of volunteers to provide specialist skills
  • Work with other groups and exchange information
  • Work compliantly within the law of the land to help achieve the aims and objectives of the group


The Group will set up a management group, initially made up of four town councillors but with the ability to co-opt onto the group other individuals with specific skills.  The initial management group will consist of Cllr Owen James Mayor who will chair any meetings, group treasurer Cllr Edward Thomas, Cllr Christoph Fischer and Cllr Lesley Prosser. These meetings will be held via Zoom or any other electronic means such as email, phone calls etc. Records of any decisions will be made and conveyed to volunteers and other town councillors as necessary.


  • Finance obtained by the group will be used solely for the stated aims and objectives of the group.
  • Any bank accounts operated by the group will be in the name of Llandeilo Covid 19 Community Group.
  • All cheques issued will be signed by any two of the named officers of the management group.
  • The treasurer will ensure accurate records and produce a statement of account, which should be audited. The account, after audit, should be published.
  • The group may be disbanded once the need for this type of support is no longer needed. Any residual funds will be used for charitable purposes as deemed by the Management Group.

The Management Group on 24th April 2020 adopted this constitution. {ratified by Electronic Means }

Signed by

 Chair Person      Owen James

Treasurer           Edward Thomas

Committee Members 

                                Lesley Prosser

                                Christoph Fischer

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