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We are a Llandeilo based group of volunteers and support network – connecting people. We are linked to the Llandeilo Food Bank and provide local and general information.

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Donations are gratefully received at the food bank which is located on the premises of Llandeilo Primary School.

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About Us

Llandeilo group of volunteers and support network – connecting people in isolation with local volunteers to support them. Prescription delivery, shopping, dog walking, chats etc.
Linked to the Llandeilo Food Bank and providing local and general Covid19 information

Get In Touch

Email – llandeilocovid19@mail.com

Delta Wellbeing 0300 333 2222 phone line 24/7

Facebook – Llandeilo Covid-19 Community Support Group

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Our Bank details are:
Llandeilo Covid 19 Community Support,
HSBC. Sort Code: 40-16-23 | Acc No: 71755307

All money will be used for the Llandeilo food bank, care packs for our care workers and toiletries packs for our hospitals and cares. We work with CCC, other Carmarthenshire support groups and support Carmarthenshire wide Covid-19 projects. Most recently support for families with children in palliative care.
Diolch yn fawr!