Our Volunteers

There just aren’t enough words to say thank you. None of what we’ve achieved, in such a short period of time, would have happened without you.

The idea of an organised network of volunteers who would offer help in our community during the Covid19 crisis was sparked off in a discussion between town councillors. Within days, a new Facebook page, Llandeilo Covid-19 Community Support Group, was asking for a ‘few volunteers for each street to help their isolated or elderly neighbours with shopping and other essential help’.   

An amazing response!

Offers of help started to pour in immediately and the bank of volunteers began to grow. One of the first tasks was to distribute information leaflets in and around Llandeilo.  These gave residents details of where they could get support during the Covid19 crisis. They included the first big initiative of the group – a dedicated Llandeilo phone line and email address where help was available 24/7. Through this, residents in and around Llandeilo could access help with their daily tasks such as shopping, picking up prescriptions and dog-walking.

We are growing

There are now more than 160 volunteers and numbers are still increasing. With so many people willing to help, the reach of the group has also increased. It now also provides:   

  • a drive-through at Cae William for dropping off items for hospital patients and NHS workers
  • a website to signpost services
  • a restroom at the White Hart where domiciliary care staff can unwind and refresh themselves in between client visits
  • support for the food bank
  • liaison with other support groups and Carmarthenshire County Council
  • assistance to local businesses with their delivery services to vulnerable people

We are learning as we go along

Thank you for being patient with the administrative team – we are volunteers too and we are learning on our feet!  If you have any suggestions or queries, please email us at llandeilocovid19@mail.com or you can leave a comment below.

Thank you again for all that you do.  Your willingness to give freely of your time is greatly appreciated, and your efforts are making a difference in and around Llandeilo.

Llandeilo Covid 19 Community Support Group

Guidelines for volunteers

First, thank you for volunteering but here are a few safety rules to protect you and those needing help:

  • Be sensible and follow Government guidelines for social distancing – two metres apart.
  • If you have latex gloves, please wear them and don’t forget to wash hands or use sanitizer for 20 seconds.
  • If you deliver shopping or medicines, please ring doorbell and leave on doorstep – do not enter the house. If possible, sanitise the bags with an antiseptic wipe.  If not possible, advise the householder.
  • If you are doing shopping, get receipts and be sure that the right change is given.
  • Ideally you should only collect pre-ordered shopping where the person has paid for the items over the phone.  We appreciate that elderly people may not be familiar with paying over the phone, but it protects both them and you.
  • If you feel unwell, do not visit but rather contact the Llandeilo Covid 19 line and another volunteer will be found.
  • Tell the volunteer coordinator if you are worried about someone who you are helping or report it via online form /email.
  • Do not offer to do any baby sitting or allow yourself to be left alone with children.
  • Do not undertake more work volunteering than you can cope with.  Your health and wellbeing are equally important to us and your family.
  • Do not undertake any unnecessary travel and certainly do not undertake anything that you think is dangerous or illegal.
  • We are looking for volunteers with up-to-date DBS checks that might be required in more sensitive situations.
  • Always take your ID with you.  This is not optional, it is essential.
  • Always feedback to the Coordinator that you have undertaken the task allocated.
  • Do not give out your personal telephone, name or address. Tell the recipient to re-contact the Llandeilo Covid 19 helpline if they need further help. CAVS guidelines, see link below, suggest differently but we want to give maximum protection to our volunteers. 

Below are guidelines produced by CAVS which also contain valuable information:

Just remember BE SAFE and once again thank you for your work, now and in the future.


ID cards

We are providing each volunteer with an ID card.  This is essential in order to safeguard the integrity of our system. The ID card provides your personal ID number and our phone number, so that people can verify who you are.  Please pick up your ID card from MaryEllen’s between 10am and 2pm on weekdays.

Thank you cards

The White Hart have offered the domiciliary carers in our area space for their breaks. If you would like to write them encouraging words and thank you notes for the service they provide, please either scan and email them to llandeiloCovid19@mail.com ; leave them at the White Hart for processing / disinfection; or send them to:

Cadog Homecare Ltd, Carmarthen Business Park, Carmarthen Rd, Llandeilo SA19 6RS or
Ms Sarah Selby, c/o Cartref Cynnes, Johnstown, Carmarthen SA31 3NQ or
Awel Twyi,Lovelodge Mill, Bethlehem Road, Llandeilo SA19 6SY

Let them know we care about them as well!

Volunteer with us

Here is an online survey by a social psychologist based at Kingston University examining the short-term and longer-term effects of participation in COVID-19 mutual aid networks such as this one. It would be massively appreciated if you could take the time to complete this survey at this link and circulate within your WhatsApp groups: tiny.cc/covidmutualaidstudy

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