Disclaimer and GDPR

We are a group of volunteers. We are not medically trained and cannot give medical advice. We pass on official information only and share resources we deem useful. We are supported by the Llandeilo Town Council but are not an official government body and are not giving advice in that capacity.

Please be aware that our Facebook group is public. Personal information is best given in private messages as it is visible to all of Facebook. This is necessary to get the widest catchment and reach on Facebook.

Also, all information given to us will be treated as confidential and not shared with third parties, unless needed in the nature of the request, ie giving your name to the pharmacy, or passing details on to other local volunteer and support groups. We will only use the information for the purpose of helping you and only volunteers for the phone and email service have temporary access to the data we hold.

I’m fully GDPR trained and will make sure proper procedures and protocol are followed.

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