Friends of Llandyfeisant Church

Our group is working to safeguard Llandyfeisant Church (Castle Woods). Our aim is that it should be a community resource available for suitable events and activities. We are a membership group with about 100 local members. We have a committee to manage our work and a constitution to guide us. We welcome approaches from anyone who can help.
Mae’r grwp yn gweithio i ddiogelu Eglwys Llandyfeisant (Coed y Castell). Ein nod yw y dylai fod yn adnodd cymunedol sydd ar gael ar gyfer digwyddiadau a gweithgareddau addas. Rydym yn grŵp aelodaeth gyda thua 100 o aelodau lleol. Mae gennym bwyllgor i reoli ein gwaith a chyfansoddiad i’n tywys. Rydym yn croesawu dulliau gan unrhyw un a all helpu.

Contact details / Manylion cyswllt
Our website is
Please email us on:

As soon as Covid restrictions allow, we hope to start volunteer work groups to help improve the church and direct surroundings.

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