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Please be aware that the Facebook group is public. Personal information is best given in private messages as it is visible to all of Facebook. This is necessary to get the widest catchment and reach on Facebook.
Also, all information given to us will be treated as confidential and not shared with third parties, unless needed in the nature of the request, ie giving your name to the pharmacy, or passing details on to other local volunteer and support groups. We will only use the information for the purpose of helping you and only volunteers for the phone and email service have temporary access to the data we hold.
I’m fully GDPR trained and will make sure proper procedures and protocol are followed.

If any children in Llandeilo would like a simple design printing on a t-shirt for free then email me your design thisartdesigns@gmail.com

Update on prescription deliveries:
Pharmacies are struggling with deliveries so are being very restrictive on taking on new deliveries. They have been instructed by the health board to only offer new deliveries to those patients who have no other means of collecting i.e. family, friends or support groups. BUT: It is easy for someone to collect on someone’s behalf, they just need to turn up at the pharmacy, say you are collecting on behalf of “name” and will be asked to confirm the address. This is one area we hope to help you with.Try to call pharmacies only for emergencies, they are getting so many calls it is crashing their system. Nigel Williams had 1800 calls yesterday alone!If the patient already has a prescription with a pharmacy ready to be collected, on collecting they can sign and complete the Repeat order slip and then sign up to repeat re order service. They usually will then re-order for them and have it ready for collection in 28 Days timeIf the patient does not want to sign up, they can take the repeat slip with them and then drop it off at the GP surgery in the repeat box, which I believe is in the Foyer? We advise they do this 7 days before they require the prescription.Patients can also call their doctor to re-order. If they do this they must understand that it takes up to 72 hours from re-ordering for it to be ready for collection. Beware, being told by the Doctor it is “ready” at the pharmacy means only it has been sent to them. It does not mean it is ready for collection. It can take to prepare at the pharmacy.Some will be building stud partition walls in the shops to further separate the staff form patients
No matter what happens our pharmacies will and must remain open, and for that we need our staff to be protected. It may look extreme but it guarantees patients will be able to receive their medications going forward.

You might start hearing, if not have already heard, that social distancing is having a truly painful effect on funerals. Like many crematoriums Llanelli Crematorium is only permitting 10 attendees per funeral, and families are having to make appalling decisions about who can and can not attend. Several crematoriums (eg Leeds) have already moved over to direct cremations only with no attendance at all. The situation will no doubt change and get worse as time goes on. If you want more background on the current issues there is a v good article here from the highly respected organisation The Good Funeral Guide: https://www.goodfuneralguide.co.uk/2020/03/please-stop-now/
I wanted to offer voluntary pastoral support in my capacity as an accredited funeral celebrant to my Llandeilo community, free of charge.

Should volunteers hear of people in Llandeilo who have not been able to attend a funeral or the online linkup and would like to find a way to find closure I am available to support people in doing this. It could be a simple as me reading a poem down the phone while they light a candle or help them write a little memorial they can share with their household. I have of course offered this to the local Funeral Directors that I have worked with, but in truth they are less likely to hear about those people who have not been able to attend a funeral.

This is specifically support for the loss of being able to say a proper goodbye (rather than say, bereavement or counselling support.) I hope this can be of some service to people who might be suffering even more than the rest of us at this time.
With all good wishes and thank you again for everything you are doing.Ingrid

Ingrid Birchell HughesAccredited Celebrant/Gweinydd Dyneiddiol01558 823504 / 07771 866875ingrid.birchell-hughes@humanistceremonies.org.ukhumanist.org.uk/ingridbirchellhughes

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