Ginhaus Deli

Ginhaus will be OPEN again on SATURDAY from 8am until midday 😊

We will have:
🥖 Alex Gooch Fresh Bread
🐟 Swansea Smoked Salmon
☕️ Coaltown Coffee
🧀 Cheese, Olives and Salami
🥚 Scotch Eggs
🧁 Frangipane Tarts
🌿 Pesto
🥘 Ginhaus Quiche
🍸 oodles of Gin!
Plus all the usual deli shelf goodies xxx

Also doing up £20 DELI BAGS with a lucky-dip mix of cheese, salami, olives and deli bits!

Please get Orders in by Midday on Friday.

DM or email and we’ll get everything ready to pick up.

See you then! 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'ginhay De OPEN SATURDAY THIS WEEKEND... 8AM UNTIL 12'

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