Foodbank Info

**Food Bank Update**
This is an announcement to update you of our progress and needs.

– We are set up in the Art Room at Llandeilo Primary School, access via car park at back of playground.
Thursday and Friday 10am-2pm for any COLLECTIONS/DONATIONS – parking available – Llandeilo Primary School – 01558822498
We will also be running home
DELIVERY Thursday/Friday 10am -2pm.
Mon – Friday 9am-5pm for those who are unable to make it in.
Contact Karen Towns on 07967 809405 if you need assistance or information.
– This is a service for everyone/anyone in the local area, that is in real need of food, groceries household items. Please share this information with your neighbours.
We have a limited geographical area to manage, but we hope that other community projects like this will start to evolve to meet needs. Please be responsible and empathetic in judging your own needs.

– We understand these are difficult times for all of us and we really do value your support beyond words. We are hoping that soon government and local governance will develop a system to support our most critical work force, but in the meantime these amazing people need our support.

– We have established a strict hygiene system involving sanitisation of every single item that gets donated. With strict hand washing and distancing measures in practice.

– Nutritional value and sustenance key to forming our food parcels, we want to keep everyone as healthy as they can be during this time of uncertainty, so we will be asking for specific foods to ensure maximum nutritional input.

DONATIONS – We are currently asking for donations of the following:-

FROZEN Veg, Fruit, Meat and Fish or Ready Meals.

TINS or BAGS of:-
Pulses (not baked beans) Rice, Pasta, Noodles, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Long-life Milk and Fruit Juice, Bread

FRESH Vegetables.

This list will be updated as and when of need.

Thank you again for your support.

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